Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Over 30 millions kids participate in some form of organized sports every year in the United States of America. Of those, about three million athletes age 14 years and under experience a sports injury, annually. The injuries we sustain in our early years can create problems later in the future. This is why we at Impact examine each patient’s history of sport injuries to arrive at the best treatment plan possible. Commonly athletes are hyper motivated to return to the sport they love and often can promote re-injury. Impact providers are specially trained in the management of these conditions and KNOW when it is safe to return to the field.

Common Sports Injuries We Treat

Why Choose Impact for Sports Injuries

At Impact, our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to identifying and treating your injury at its source, helping you recover, and, and delivering healing that lasts – without surgical intervention. When you choose Impact, you’re partnering with extraordinary doctors and providers who put you and your health first.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Southworth is specially trained to diagnose and treat a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

Pain Management

Our pain management specialists and providers resolve your pain at its source rather than simply suppress or mask your symptoms.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapist works to relieve your sports injury pain and inflammation, strengthen your muscles, increase your range of motion, accelerate your healing, and restore your overall mobility.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy is a manual therapy that is used to focus on or target musculoskeletal pain and disability.

Injection Therapy

Trigger points can result in pain in the surrounding area, muscle weakness, and restricted spinal movement and flexibility.

Regenerative Medicine

PRP injections are a natural alternative to commercially manufactured steroids and prescribed medications that mobilize your body’s ability to promote healing and regeneration of injured or painful areas.