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Impact Health & Wellness provides a wide variety of medical services to help its patients regain their health and wellness with the goal of leading a more balanced lifestyle. Our practice is a medically-integrated, full-spectrum pain management care facility, providing treatment based on Physical Medicine, Traditional Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

4 Phase Approach

How can we help you?

We focus on phases of care to get you back to pain-free living (with NO surgery or opioids). We do this by following a four-step process:

1 Relieve Pain & Remove Inflammation

Relieve Pain & Remove Inflammation

During this phase, we focus on repairing damaged tissue, stabilizing structures, and mobilizing fixations through treatments like trigger point injections, spinal manipulation and decompression, and massage.

2 Correct & Repair Damage

Correct & Repair Damage

In Phase 2 we work to restore joint positions and range of motion, work on your core strength, and get you back to your normal activities. We do this through procedures like manual therapy, physical therapy, and electrical stimulation.

3 Strengthen & Rebuild

Strengthen & Rebuild

By continuing therapies introduced in the first two phases, in Phase 3, we get you back to your hobbies by focusing on increasing your joint and spinal curve stability and your muscular strength and endurance.

4 Wellness Care and Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Wellness Care and Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Phase 4 is the final phase where we can now focus on keeping you pain free through developing a diet and exercise routine and a regular cadence for spinal manipulation, decompression, and manual therapy.

Highlighted SERVICES

What We Offer

Weight Loss

Losing weight is hard, we make it a little bit easier. Impact offers solutions and guidance to help you reach a healthier weight.

Wound Care

We offer four non-surgical solutions for wound care. Our goal is to get you healing quickly and moving again.

Pain Management

Our pain management specialists and providers resolve your pain at its source rather than simply suppress or mask your symptoms.

Our Impact

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We strive to provide the best care possible for all of our patients. Read through testimonials from people just like you.

Dr. Nick really has the A-Team on your side here. My back and neck are so improved, my quality of life and activity level are greatly improved. I have literally gained over an inch in height and lost over 10 pounds since the team here started working on my back and neck. I can enjoy activities like gardening and hiking again. Thank you, A-Team! 10 out of 10 recomend.




Treatment was very good. I was scared on my first visit. I didn’t know what would happen with my skin injury on my leg. After several weeks of treatment I finally had it healed. Thanks to Mary. She was was so good with my injury.




I give Impact Health and Wellness my highest recommendation! Everyone on staff is so friendly and welcoming from the minute you step foot into the reception area, and after leaving every appointment I feel noticeably better! Dr. Nick and Eve are excellent at explaining what areas need adjustment or strengthening and why, and walk you through the process every step of the way. I have been thoroughly impressed with every aspect of my experience here- from initial intake meeting, explanations of X-rays, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and immune support. This is a safe environment with exceptional staff who support you on your journey to greater wellness. They have truly made an impact on my health/healing journey, and I am so grateful for them!!




I can't speak highly enough about Impact Health and Wellness in Columbus, Ohio! From the moment I stepped in, I felt welcomed and cared for. Dr. Nick and the team are exceptional. They've made a significant difference in my life, addressing my chronic back pain with expertise and personalized care. I've experienced reduced pain, increased flexibility, and improved overall well-being. What sets them apart is their holistic approach to health. They educate you on your body and offer guidance that is specific to each patient. The office is clean, modern, and efficient. Scheduling is easy. I highly recommend Impact Health and Wellness for top-notch chiropractic care!




The team here at Impact is the best. They know me by name, ask me how I’m doing everytime and remember details about my life. Dr. Nick is personable and funny but also so helpful with everything. He’s a great doctor! I recommend them to everyone that needs whole body health!




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